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Award Of Certificates To Students Upon Completion Of Internship

Friday 14 th August, 2021/ Posted by Ms Victorine Neba

J&A Oben Foundation has awarded some students from the Faculty of Science at the University of Yaounde 1 with end of internship certificates.

The certificates were handed to 9 students, after three weeks of intensive practical training in the Cameroon Nutrition and Dietetics Research Centre (CANDIREC), a department of the J&A Oben Foundation.

Speaking to the students, Professor Julius Oben, Co-founder of the J&A Oben Foundation, encouraged them to be intentional in building practical skills and professional experience. "The most important part of your studies is to be able to practice what you are taught in school. That is what makes you relevant in your field" He said.

Wanko Kouamo Jocelyne, one of the outgoing interns, expressed her satisfaction with the training she received during the internship. "I am now able to collect blood samples and also do blood group tests using the Beth-Vincent method," she said.

Zeng Abanda Michel another intern expressed her gratitude to the foundation for giving them such a unique experience after 3 years of theoretical studies. "I encourage the Foundation to continue giving similar internship opportunities to other students because getting an internship opportunity especially in our field of studies is difficult," Zeng pleaded.

“The training I received in the University was just an academic study, but this internship has enabled me to practice and also gain professional experience. Thus the internship has been very beneficial to me professionally”, Essono Mevongo Gabriel another intern said. “I can now conduct rapid tests, carry out blood tests, etc. In fact, I am a medical Laboratory Technician”, he added.

Ekossono Bessala another intern highlighted that the internship has not only permitted her to match theory with practical but has given her a clear idea of the professional path she will like to take.

Taking the cue, Yankam Atchoukeu Leatitia Sorelle pinned that, the experience she acquired during the internship will permit her to apply for jobs in medical laboratories and other health institutions.

On her part, the Coordinator of the J&A Oben Foundation Malaika Doualla, expressed her satisfaction with the impact of the internship to the students. “one of the Foundation’s aims is to provide young people with training that can give them an upper hand in the job market, and the feedback from these interns assures that we are on track” Malaika said.

The outgoing interns are the first group of interns out of two groups from the Faculty of Science in the University of Yaounde 1, scheduled to carry out an internship in the J&A Oben Foundation.

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