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1 st Commencement Ceremony

Wednesday - May 19th, 2021 / Posted by Ms Victorine Neba


The Professional School of Dietetics and Functional Foods, of the J&A Oben Foundation, has named Its pioneer graduating batch, “The batch of Hon. Monjowa Lifaka”. The batch was named after the late Member of Parliament to honor her outstanding role as Nutrition Ambassador of the scaling up nutrition, SUN, initiative in Cameroon.

The recognition was given, during the graduation ceremony of the first batch of the professional school of dietetics and functional food (CEFOPDIET), on Wednesday, May 19 at J&A Oben Foundation.

According to the Co-founder of J&A Oben Foundation Professor Julius Oben, Late Hon. Monjowa Lifaka was a passionate Nutrition promoter, who committed herself to the fight against malnutrition. “She did a great job in fostering the SUN activities in Cameroon, so we thought it wise to honor her by naming the first trained dieteticians in Cameroon and Central Africa after her”, Pro Julius said.

“As an Ambassador of the SUN Movement Hon. Monjowa had great plans for the association, before her demise”. “She planned to increase coordination of nutrition-related act ivies; Prioritize and harmonize legislation to improve nutrition; ensure nutrition is enshrined in all sector policies, work plans, and budget just to name a few, Professor Oben added.

Welcoming dignitaries and guests, The Coordinator of the J&A Oben Foundation, Malaika Doualla urged the graduands and all present to continue working in every little way to eradicate malnutrition in Cameroon.

On her part, the Director of the Professional School of Dietetics and Functional Foods Mrs. Djite Catherine said, the ceremony was an opportunity to also honor the graduands who braved the odds of Covid 19 challenges. Pointing out the state of nutrition in Cameroon she said, “There is a growing rate of malnutrition in children less than 5 years due to malnutrition. Also, there is an increase in nutrition-related illnesses like diabetics, obesity, hypertension, cancers, and cardiovascular problems but on the contrary only few nutrition professionals”, She regretted. She highlighted that malnutrition is not limited to a particular class of society. “The poor are malnourished because they have less to eat, and the rich are malnourished because they have plenty to feed on she said. “The problem of malnutrition is a problem of ignorance, which only a dietician can solve with nutrition education” she added.

Quality Education

The Director emphasized that the students have undergone quality education backed with 50% theory and practical work respectively.

“You are now ready to go out and create your structures, jobs and contribute to the growth of your country she said.

She urged the graduands to go out and represent CEFOPDIET by joining the fight against malnutrition in Cameroon.

Speaking during the ceremony, the Country Director of Helen Keller International, one of J&A Oben Foundation Partners, Dr. Ismael Teta recognized the great role of late Hon. Monjowa Lifaka in the fight against malnutrition in Cameroon. “She was a committed Ambassador of the scaling up nutrition, SUN, initiative in Cameroon he said.

Teta encouraged the students to excellently represent their batch name and also fly high the flag of The Professional School of Dietetics and Functional Foods in their professional lives.

The event was presided over by the Representative of the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training in the presence of the Divisional Officer of Yaounde III, Hon Monjowa’s Parliamentary Colleague, Religious legislative, and Academic Authorities.

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