J&A Oben Foundation Gives Financial Assistance to Rural Women for the Cultivation of Moringa

The J & A Oben Foundation in collaboration with COSSADER, has given financial assistance to rural women of ‘GIC des Agriculteurs et Eleveurs de Mehanden 1’ (AEM) for the cultivation of Moringa. The donation was made during a Moringa tree planting event to commemorate World Forest Day on March 21, 2022, organized by SUN Nutrition Ambassador Mme Christine Andela of COSSADER.

Addressing the women of AEM, the President and co-founder of the J&A Oben Foundation Professor Julius Oben lauded them for the great initiative of fostering good health in Cameroon by supplementing their food with Moringa which is a rich and affordable source of micronutrients essential for health and vitality.

“I am particularly impressed by how you transform the plant to different consumable organic products, like cooking oil, cooking powder, water purifier, etc. Given that one of our Foundation’s objectives is to promote wellness through healthy food consumption,” he said. Professor Oben added that the J & A Oben Foundation will continue giving its support in accompanying the Women of AEM in the production and processing of Moringa bioproducts.

Receiving the financial donation from the Foundation, Mme. Amougou Augustine Benerdette, President and Founder of AEM expressed her gratitude saying that the aid will go a long way towards the purchase of basic tools needed for Moringa cultivation and processing.

Highlighting the importance of the Moringa plant and how it benefits them locally, Mme. Amougou said the plant is a major source of nourishment to her household and the orphanage she has been running for over 20 years. She added that the proceeds from the sale of Moringa have been a great source of livelihood to members of her Association.

On her part, SUN Nutrition Ambassador Mme Christine Andela expressed her satisfaction with the devotion of AEM in valorizing Moringa in Cameroon. “I am captured by your consistency in cultivating and using the Moringa plant to nourish local households” she said. She further enlightened the Women on the importance of forests in our lives and offered Moringa seeds, corn and some tubers to encourage the women of AEM to continue planting trees as well as other food crops.

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